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Maileg: Where simplicity, quality & charm come altogether

Matchboxes are beds for mice, bunnies are a kids best friend and imagination sparks like fireworks.

Join the fun of Maileg toys today!


These Danish toys have been around since 1999 and were created by designers Dorthe & Erik Mailil.

Maileg, pronounced MY- LYE, believes children thrive off simpler, well-made high quality toys. They created these simple, yet soft toys to spark innovative ways for imaginative play. This type of play creates story telling for all ages. Each toy is either handmade or hand finished, resulting in each item to have it's own unique charm and character. We love how each toy has it's own little quirks and special detailing!  

We all know toys tend to sometimes find their way into little mouths, while playing. Luckily Maileg can ease our worries a bit. All of their products are made with natural materials such as wood, cotton, linen, and metal. All of which are BPA free, and lead free to ensure high safety standards. Every single item and any and all of their parts, go through intense safety tests to ensure quality assurance, and to make sure the USA and European safety standards are met. Therefrore, when our littles are playing we know they are playing with the highest of quality.  

Mai- 3 letters from the designer's lastname and
Leg- meaning 'play' in Danish together creates the amazing company Maileg

Mice, Bunnies & More, Oh My!

Maileg is known for their sweet little matchbox mice and cuddly bunnies + rabbits. They have adorable kittens, teddy bears and jungle friends too! Each season Maileg comes out with new limited releases, making these items adorable collectibles, that can last for generations to come.

The mice are known to come in matchboxes, also known as their beds. The mice come in figures for the entire family. From grandparents, to babies and so many fun accessories such as clothes, furniture, fun play scenes and more.

The bunnies and rabbits, come in a variety of sizes. Just like the mice, they have their own clothing and accessories as well. These details making play time even more exciting.

Teddies are known to have a more vintage look to them, coming in three different options, junior, mum and dad. The kittens are the perfect sleepover friend since they come wearing pajamas. Believe it or not, this is just the beginning. They have so many other animals such as safari and jungle friends and even little piggies.

All of these sweet friends make the most special gifts, friends and travel companions for all ages.

Maileg also has sweet little rattles, soft balls, and more plush toys for the adorable tinier babies in your life.

We at Joss + J absolutely adore these toys and can't wait for you all to enjoy them as well.

Please check out all Maileg items we have online or in one of our stores. If you would like to order anything in particular, or see more of these items in store, please let us know, we would be happy to accomdate.

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