joss + j ™ may be an adorable brand and label, but it also has much more meaning behind its name.

from the second aimee found out she was pregnant with baby number four in 2015, she couldn't wait to start shopping. aimee loved supporting small business shops and immediately started following all the baby brands on instagram. her family comes from a long line of small businesses. her husbands family owns a well known local pizza company called barro's pizza. they have several locations among the arizona valley. aimee herself has also owned several small businesses. she owned a very successful crochet baby company for six years, personally hand-crocheting every single made to order item. It had been four years since her last pregnancy and small businesses were finally taking over the corporate world which was so exciting. the crochet items were fading out at that time, so she slowly put that company on hold. she wanted to spend all of her time being a mother and enjoying her pregnancy, constantly supporting small as much as she possibly could.

A P R I L     2 6     2 0 1 6


while she continued to support small, she found out in january 2016 that she was in fact expecting not only her fourth baby, but her first daughter after 3 beautiful boys. her family was thrilled. unfortunately, little joselyn's heart stopped beating at almost 25 weeks, and aimee gave birth to her sleeping daughter on april 26, 2016. she knew she wanted to do something beautiful in honor of her baby girl born sleeping into the world. aimee prayed over this thought for several weeks, and it finally came to her. her life-long dream of opening a boutique, a baby boutique. she put everything into this thought and started manifesting it. the process. the design. the brands. everything. her husband matthew was so supportive and their family and friends all encouraged her to go for it. she began contacting the companies whom she had been purchasing items from, each company being so supportive and from there everything fell into place almost as in divine order.

"i wanted joselyn aka joss to be remembered. i was determined. i wanted her name to be spoken, talked about, cherished and loved. i didn't want my baby girl to ever be forgotten"

- aimee barro


joss + j ™ officially opened their doors in gilbert, arizona october 2016.


aimee decided to name the boutique | joss | in dedication to her stillborn daughter joselyn, and the letter | j | for her three boys whom are named jayden, julian & jameson.


not long after opening their doors aimee began researching what she could do to have her own products made. customers were constantly asking her for specific items but she didn't have companies to purchase the items from. there were limitations on amounts for wholesaling and several companies that she loved weren't even offering wholesale at that time. she began creating and designing her own line, joss + j ™ the label in 2017. several months creating patterns from scratch, correcting sizing to be consistent and finding the most perfect bamboo, eco-friendly, sustainable materials led joss + j ™ the label into what it is today.


s h o p     s m a l l   .   s h o p     s m a l l   .   s h o p     s m a l l   .   s h o p     s m a l l


since its first launch, aimee has changed manufacturing companies, updated the patterns and finally found her products to be up to her standards. the possibilities are now endless with joss + j ™ the label. after being asked for years, she can finally offer wholesale herself, so that other boutiques and shops across the world can now carry her own products. joss + j ™ the label has several current patterns completely unique to them, all of their designs are one of a kind hand painted from artists especially for her. there are many more things planned for the near future of joss + j ™ both the brand and the label, "this is only the beginning." aimee says.



in between running joss + j ™ the brand and creating joss + j ™ the label, aimee endured a ten week miscarriage in 2017, gave birth to her second daughter | double rainbow | josephine rayne in july 2018, jagger ace in september 2020 and juliette louise in june 2022 all whom the store is also representative of, with the letter j in joss + j ™. aimee knows personally how special and cherished babies are. every single one is so incredibly loved, unique and wanted. "I know the feeling of desperately wanting a baby - I also know the feeling of wanting them to be wrapped up in the safest - softest clothing I could possibly find - and this is why joss + j ™ the label means so much to me." as a mother of six children and two more in heaven, I am here for you all. I see you and I feel you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being apart of the joss + j tribe.


joss + j ™ opened its doors almost six years ago and has came so far. they managed to overcome mandated closures and several other obstacles along the way.

in may of 2021, aimee and her family moved from arizona to texas to carry her husbands families pizza company outside of state lines. she also decided on opening up joss + j ™ the brand location number two just north of dallas, texas in a city called mckinney. they opened their doors in downtown mckinney, texas in april 2022.

As of February 2023 they plan on opening their mini plano, texas retail front location this April 2023. they have been at hard work with the plano warehouse. this will be where all things joss + j ™ is currently distrubuted from. joss + j ™ currently has nearly 300 retailers whom wholesale their collections, and the joss + j ™ team plan on growing their company even more throughout this year. there are several things on the horizon for this company including another retail location in Frisco, Texas this Fall 2023, an expansion at their original Gilbert, Arizona location this summer 2023 & EVEN MORE that we can't wait to keep y'all updated with as things progress.

remember that every single time you make a purchase, whether small or large you are supporting a small business. not only one small business, but several. aimee is constantly purchasing from local and small companies bringing as many different brands as she can into joss + j ™ the brand.


"we are all about the community here at joss + j ™ - we wouldn't be anything without our community."

- aimee barro