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pink pineapple reusable swim diaper

  • $21.00

★ Waterproof, adjustable, reusable swim diapers that fit any infant between in diaper sizes N through 5 (6-36 lbs; waist 7.75in.-19.5in, legs 5.5in-10in)

★ Designed to keep solids in the swim diaper and keep others safe from accidents

★ One-size swim diaper with snaps that adjust around the waist and tummy offering three different sizes of width and length of the reusable swim diaper.

★ Waterproof outer fabric made from 100% PUL polyester

★ Internal Polyester mesh designed for easy washing and baby comfort.

★ Whether you're going on vacation at the beach with your toddler, or going to swim lessons with your new baby, these are the perfect choice for your little swimmers